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MY first Lotusphere 2008 post!

I say MY first Lotusphere 2008 (LP08 for short) post because my cohort in crime, Ed Brill, has already beaten me to the punch with his first post :). And as he mentioned, I am writing this first post to gather ideas for my track as I have done in years past – yes, I am honored to have been asked to head up the Best Practices track once again (among other things), and I have most gladly accepted.

But before I get to that, let me go ahead and let you know a couple of things. First, (as Ed mentioned) the Call for Abstracts will go out earlier this year than in years past – you should expect to see that call for abstracts sometime around mid August. Second, we’ll accept abstracts until around the middle-to-end of September, and then the content team will begin working through them to build tracks containing the high-quality content you’ve grown to expect and appreciate.

Now let’s talk about my favorite subject – Best Practices. I am beginning to put my thoughts together about themes or target topics that I want for this year’s track, and this is a great time for you, my esteemed audience (and target attendees) to help “shape my head” regarding what you want to see. So, let me give you some things to help guide you in your suggestions.

First, here’s last year’s (Lotusphere 2007) track description. This year’s track description will be something similar, but for those of you who are new to Lotusphere, this will let you know the general idea of the Best Practices track.

Audience: Business and IT managers, application developers, system administrators and integrators

You slave away every day, honing those mad geek skillz so that you can be the best geek possible. However, you know there’s probably a better, quicker, more elegant way to do what you do – there always is. The Best Practices track is your chance to learn from the best of the best the proven ways to do what you do better than ever before. This track is by the best geeks in the field, for the geeks in the field – and this is your opportunity to learn their secret code ninja ways to bring your mad skillz to a new level. So, be the best you can be, and spend this week picking the brains of the best there is.

Now that you know what the track is about, let me give you some other points to think about:

  • First, remember that this is the year of Notes/Domino 8. I imagine it will be everywhere at LP08. Traditionally, the Best Practices track has been focused on the “widely deployed” releases of our products – so for instance last year we focused on Notes/Domino 6.x and 7.x, plus the related products. Since LP08 is about Notes/Domino 8, do you want to see more “new” product content in the Best Practices track?
  • We have many new products out besides Notes/Domino 8 – Quickr, Connections, Sametime, Portal, etc. Do you want to see some Best Practices sessions around these products as well?
  • Each year we have added more and more admin content to the Best Practices track – last year it was almost a 50-50 split between dev and admin – and I must say that the admin sessions are consistently packed, and consistently get great reviews. Is the 50-50 mix a good ratio? It seemed to work well last year, but I am open to input.
  • Last year we added more “generic” Best Practices content – things like low-fidelity prototyping, UI design, business controls, project management, and so on. These sessions seemed to be pretty popular. Did you like these sessions? Do you want to see these types of sessions again in the mix? More? Less?
  • We are going to continue to push for a great deal of new content this year, just like last year. What “new” stuff do you want to see covered?
  • And finally, the “catch-all” question: What else do you want to suggest for the Best Practices track – do you have any other ideas I haven’t mentioned? I’m open to anything and everything at this point!

That should get you started, and give you some stuff to think about. Your input means a great deal to me, and I promise to give each and every suggestion careful consideration. The Best Practices track has been one of, if not (arguably) the most popular tracks at Lotusphere, each year of its existence – and it is because of you, and your input and participation, that it has done so. With your help, this year’s Best Practices track will once again be the best Lotusphere has to offer.

Thanks in advance for your input – I can’t wait to see what you’re thinking! In the coming weeks I’ll make some suggestions to help you craft and submit your abstracts – so stay tuned!

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My Nerd Score

Well, Bob took this test, and scored a 99% – then he said he bets I’d get a 100%. Not quite…


But be honest – does this really surprise anyone? :)

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YAY!! Rowling plans to write more about the Potter world! (from NBC TODAY) SPOILERS!!!!

SPOILER ALERT!! First, my apologies to those who read this before I posted the spoiler alert. I was so anxious to post it I forgot to add it – my bad. Second, if you have NOT read book 7, and you want it to be a surprise, READ NO FURTHER. You’ve been warned. **Rock

I missed the interview, but NBC Today was able to land the first interview with JK “Jo” Rowling after the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (my review here). According to the interview summary posted here (Stop your Sobbing: More Potter to Come):

In her first tell-all interview since the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” J.K. Rowling told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira she “probably will” publish a Potter encyclopedia, promising many more details about her beloved characters and the fate of the wizarding world beyond the few clues provided in the seventh book’s epilogue.

“I suppose I have [started] because the raw material is all in my notes,” Rowling said.

The encyclopedia would include back stories of characters she has already written but had to cut for the sake of narrative arc (“I’ve said before that Dean Thomas had a much more interesting history than ever appeared in the books”), as well as details about the characters who survive “Deathly Hallows,” characters who continue to live on in Rowling’s mind in a clearly defined magical world.

Hogwarts, for example, has a new headmaster (“McGonagall was really getting on a bit”), and Rowling said she can see Harry going back to give the “odd talk” on Defense Against the Dark Arts. That class, by the way, is now led by a permanent professor, since Voldemort’s death broke the jinx that didn’t allow a teacher to remain in the position for more than a year.

This is excellent news! I would love to read up on what happens to many of the characters and explore the backstories of some of the others. In fact, this almost sounds like a “deleted scenes” or “director’s cut” of the series, like is done for movies when released on DVD. Very kewl.

The conclusion of the Rowling interview airs tomorrow morning on NBC Today.

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What accent do you have?

Found this in my blog catching up over at Mike Schubert’s site:

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)Southern

People used to hate Southern accents but now everyone wants one.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Well, I guess that makes sense. My accent isn’t as thick as some of my Southern bretheren, and as Mike said in his post I also worked at flattening my accent because at the time I was in school (late 70s – early 80s) the Southern accent automatically lowered your IQ by 20 points in non-Southerner’s eyes. I attribute this to the TV shows at the time – Dukes of Hazzard, Carter Country, etc.

Now, I’m older, and I don’t concentrate on it as much. It is my “natural” accent – I am an Atlanta native (one of the few left), and I have lived in the South my whole life (even when in the USAF!). So, I guess this result makes sense. I’m comfortable with it.

Post your results here, if you wish – I’m curious to see where the rest of you fall, especially my non-American readers!

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I’ve been tagged: My Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 List

Well, Nathan recently “tagged” me and I have been remiss in not responding – until now. His tagging is for me to list my “top 5” of the greatest “side 1, track 1” songs of all time (you can read about his explanation here). Here’s his explanation of the rules:

The rules are simple: no compilations — it has to be the opening track on an original studio album.  And it can’t have been released as a single beforehand. So, for instance, Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang is excluded, as it was a single long before it appeared on a full LP format.

Pretty daunting task – but I am up for the challenge. Here’s my top 5 (so far), in no particular order:

  • Sting Me – The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, Black Crowes (BTW, one of the best sophmore albums of all time)
  • American Idiot – American Idiot, Green Day (amazing album)
  • Highway to Hell – Highway to Hell, AC/DC (one of the greatest rock albums of all time – and I checked, the single was NOT released before the album :) )
  • Statesboro Blues – The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East (Live), The Allman Brothers Band (the greatest live recording of all time, followed by “The Last Waltz”, The Band farewell album)
  • Welcome to the Jungle – Appetite for Destruction, Guns n’ Roses (one of the greatest rock albums of all time; I still play it somewhat regularly; BTW, the first single released from this album was “It’s so Easy”, which didn’t crack the Billboard 100 – trivia question!)

OK, that’s my list – and as always, it is subject to change based on my moods :). What’s your list? Oh, and I guess I have to tag some folks for this: I am not much into tagging, so I tag anyone who reads this and wishes to respond (either here or on their own blogs).

I guess that’s not really tagging, is it? Sorry!

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