Why Do People Gamble?

Jackpot! At least that is the one word that could sum up most people’s opinion on why people do gamble. But the truth is a lot different. Although, the prospect of winning a gigantic, possibly life-changing sum of money can be a significant motivator, only a small part of gambling includes jackpots. Playing any kind… Read More »

WWWGD? (UPDATED – shirts!)

I felt inspired today You can download a bigger version here. UPDATE: How about a shirt with WWWGD? on it? 😀 Rock **Better to have convictions and act on them, even if they are wrong, than to waffle in indecision endlessly.

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Michael Vick, formerly the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons (ok, soon-to-be formerly – and not soon enough), will plead guilty to dogfighting and other Federal charges next Monday in Federal court, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in his federal dogfighting case and will enter… Read More »

Skype strikes again: Happy Birthday Declan!

Gotta love Skype. Declan Lynch of Blogsphere fame is having a birthday today, according to Skype… Happy Birthday, Dec! Rock **The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution. – Hannah Arendt

Death becomes us: your thoughts on the human body

I was going to do a post on the first day of school – today is the first day of school here where I live (YAY!), but as I was driving my ever-more impressive 13 year-old daughter Kelsey to school she and I had a most interesting conversation – and as most interesting conversations do,… Read More »

Perverted Justice, and an article about them

Awhile back I started watching a show on NBC called NBC Dateline: To Catch a Predator. This show is riveting – they basically set up a sting operation whereby they they create underage personas in chatrooms online, and these sick pedophiles contact them. The pedophiles then agree to come over to hook up with these… Read More »

MY first Lotusphere 2008 post!

I say MY first Lotusphere 2008 (LP08 for short) post because my cohort in crime, Ed Brill, has already beaten me to the punch with his first post :). And as he mentioned, I am writing this first post to gather ideas for my track as I have done in years past – yes, I… Read More »